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Jimmy Kimmel ‘Thanks’ Trump for Record Surge in Obamacare Enrollment (Video)

Kimmel trolls POTUS supporters by urging then to sign up for the Affordable Care Act

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and Jimmy Kimmel wants the president and his supporters to know that he’s come around on Trump’s health care plan. Well, kinda.

At the top of Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the ABC late-night host said that “instead of screaming helplessly” today — as several Trump haters have planned to on social media — you can do something useful, like sign up for “TrumpCare.”

Kimmel “thanked” Trump for the record 200,000-plus people who signed up for “TrumpCare” plans on the first day of open enrollment on November 1 — which the Washington Post reported to be twice as many as last year.

In all honesty, ‘TrumpCare,” is really just the Affordable Care Act, and Kimmel was trying to direct Trump supporters to the Healthcare.gov website so they could enroll in Obamacare, which is still hanging tough thanks to Republicans’ continuous failure to repeal it.

“I have spoken a lot about healthcare on this show, and been critical of what Trump and half of Congress is trying to do,” Kimmel said. “Enrollment just started on the new health care plan, and it actually has a lot of good stuff in it. It covers pre-existing conditions, it has no lifetime caps, you can keep your kids on it, and it’s also surprisingly affordable, especially for people making under $50,000.”

“So, even if you don’t support President Trump, watch this, keep an open mind, and if you don’t have health insurance go to the website and sign up,” Kimmel said, before showing a fake add for TrumpCare, which is, again, actually Obamacare.

Check out Kimmel’s amazing pitch to Trump supporters in the video above.