Jimmy Kimmel Jokes Trump ‘Tried to Fast Forward to the Sex Scenes’ During Stormy Daniels Testimony | Video

Kimmel says that his show is called “Exhibit F” after showing up in testimony

Jimmy Kimmel continues to be delighted that “Jimmy Kimmel Live” keeps being mentioned during testimony in the ongoing Donald Trump criminal trial, joking that the real title of the show is “‘Exhibit F,’ as it was entered into evidence during the Donald Trump hush money trial this afternoon.”

And among the details Kimmel discussed about the trial was that Trump apparently watched the testimony of Stormy Daniels on the court’s video monitor instead of looking her in the eye. Trump “tried to fast forward to the sex scenes and nothing happened,” he joked.

“Stormy Daniels took the stand this morning and for Donald Trump, I can only imagine, the nervous farting was off the charts,” Kimmel said. He then explained the context of his show being mentioned in court, which turned out to be related to the interview Kimmel did with Daniels back in 2018 when he noticed her signature on his show was different than her signature on the contract for the money she received from Trump.

“Somehow, I’ve become the Kato Kaelin of this trial,” Kimmel added, referring to the unlikely witness in the OJ Simpson trial back in the 1990s.

“Her testimony got off to an awkward start. The bailiff swore in on a rolled-up Forbes magazine and when she raised her right hand, Trump instinctively shouted, ‘I’m a bad boy, Mommy!’” Kimmel continued.

Kimmel then noted how presiding judge Juan Merchan at one point told Daniels that “we don’t need to know the details” about her sexual relationship with Trump. “And see, now that’s where I have to object. Yes, we do need to know the details. Some of us are trying to host a show here, OK.”

The comedian then went over some of the details that did come out in court, such as that Trump informed Daniels “she reminded him of his daughter.”

“Feels like we should lock him up just for that, right?” Kimmel asked.

He later joked that “the live court updates today, they read like, you remember the old letters to Penthouse Forum? Stormy Daniels says she came out of the bathroom and found that Trump was in the bedroom, waiting for her, in his boxer shorts and a T-shirt. She had been planning to go, she said. He was seated on the bed, between her and the exit. Like a traffic cone with nipples or something.”

Watch the whole monologue above now.


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