Jimmy Kimmel’s Dad Texts Him Photos of His Own Poop

The ABC late night host has a special relationship with his father

Now we know where Jimmy Kimmel gets his love for audacious pranks.

In a new cover story in Esquire, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host “reveals” that he lives a pretty mundane day-to-day life, which mostly consists of sitting at his desk (or walking on the treadmill in his office) and editing jokes, plus forcing his writers to deal with drop-ins from crazed fading stars like Gallagher (okay, so that’s not so mundane).

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But one precious little nugget hidden near the end of the story is quite eyebrow-raising, and again, may explain why Kimmel has made his name on punking gullible Americans again and again. Around the middle of the day, he receives a text from his father with the sort of graphic image that no one wants to see (especially from their father).

“My dad is fond of texting me pictures of his poop,” he told the magazine. “They can be fairly impressive, but it’s always a little stunning… He’s just proud. But he wants me to beg him to stop.”

Well then.

Still, to be fair, feces does hold a special place in the younger Kimmel’s heart.

“I used to get sad when I pooped,” he said. “It took me a long time to flush. It was like a part of me was leaving.”