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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘School of Perfect Acting’ Outtakes as Funny as Sketch Itself (Video)

Sean Penn, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Krasinski, and Susan Sarandon all struggle to keep it together

Jimmy Kimmel showed his audience bloopers from Sunday’s post-Oscars sketch “The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting” on Monday, and the outtakes proved to be as entertaining as the segment itself.

While Kimmel did his best to play a perfectionist acting coach who pushes his A-list students to their breaking points, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges instructed the team on the subtle art of the “John Wayne skull take.” Next, “The Office” star John Krasinksi and his wife, “Into the Woods” star Emily Blunt, couldn’t keep a straight face while unsuccessfully attempting to breathe their lines into each other’s mouth.

Oscar winner Susan Sarandon suffered the worst, as Kimmel put clothes pins on her tongue and face after she flubbed a line. Gary Oldman meanwhile proved himself to be a good sport after he attempted to lead a pack of pigs down the street, no doubt a part of another of Kimmel’s extreme acting exercises.

And in a display of extreme courage on Kimmel’s part, he put Oscar winner Sean Penn through his paces as well. The notoriously intense actor does nothing as Kimmel repeatedly bops him on the head with a pool noodle while running lines.

Watch the video here.

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