First Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Apologizes to David Letterman

Also, “Captain America” stud Chris Evans drops by “Late Show” to read a superhero-themed Top Ten List

Jimmy Whittemore, who early Sunday morning vandalized the theater where "Late Show With David Letterman" is taped and caused an estimated $5,000 in damage, is the subject of an interview that will air on "Inside Edition" Friday.

The TV tabloid show tracked down the 22-year-old outside his uncle's Connecticut home, where Whittemore was doing chores to help pay for the bail put up by his relatives.

Whittemore admits to being wasted when he committed the crime, and gave a thoughtful response to a question about whether he has a drinking problem.

"I didn't think I did beforehand," he said. "Of course, if you black out and don't remember what happened, that's a definite wake-up call!"

Whittemore also used the opportunity to apologize to David Letterman.

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In other Dave news, "Captain America" star Chris Evans dropped by Thursday to deliver the Top Ten List, even though his blockbuster film isn't out until Friday, July 22.

He gamely read off a list titled "Things Never Before Said by a Superhero," including one directly referencing the Whittemore incident.

That joke's great, but in our humble opinion, the best thing on the list is "One ticket for 'Zookeeper,' please," a more-than-welcome jab at the Kevin James comedy.

Here's the full list — the video of Evans' appearance is below.

10."Screw the superhero costume, I'm fighting crime in my pajama jeans"
9."I got four hundred dollars worth of groceries for just eight bucks thanks to extreme couponing"
8."You know, I originally wanted to be an event planner"
7."Someone broke into Letterman's theater? I'm on my way!"
6."Aquaman and I are moving to New York to get married"
5."I'm Steve Rogers. Perhaps you know my brother Kenny"
4."In a few years, Captain America will be known as Captain China, am I right, folks?"
3."My weakness? Sara Lee cheesecake bites"
2."One ticket for 'Zookeeper,' please"
1."I really, really like the tights"