JK Rowling Takes Aim at ‘Fascist’ Donald Trump: ‘God Help Us All’

“Harry Potter” author’s essay likens presumptive GOP nominee to “an unstable nightclub bouncer”

JK Rowling In Conversation
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J.K. Rowling called Donald Trump “fascist” and compared him to an “unstable nightclub bouncer” in a new essay posted to her website Monday.

The essay, titled “On Monsters, Villains and the EU Referendum,” discusses the politics involved with whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union. Nationalism and fear is part of the conversation surrounding the upcoming EU Referendum vote, Rowling wrote, but the “Harry Potter” author also stated that we should “look towards the Republican Party in American and shudder.”

“‘Make America Great Again!’ cries a man who is fascist in all but name,” wrote Rowling. “His stubby fingers are currently within horrifyingly close reach of America’s nuclear codes.”

She continued by listing Trump’s “solutions” to “terrorism” and “immigration” and mentioned his “disdain” for women and minorities.

“He achieved this pre-eminence by proposing crude, unworkable solutions to complex threats. Terrorism? ‘Ban all Muslims!’ Immigration? ‘Build a wall!’” she added. “He has the temperament of an unstable nightclub bouncer, jeers at violence when it breaks out at his rallies and wears his disdain for women and minorities with pride. God help America. God help us all.”

She claimed that Trump supports the break up of the EU, adding that he never had to collaborate, joining only Vladimir Putin and Marine le Pen in urging the so-called Brexit of Britain.

Rowling hasn’t been shy about her thoughts about Trump. In December, she slammed the GOP candidate as worse than Voldemort. Last year, the U.K. saw a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the country — she didn’t support that due to freedom of speech, although she finds Trump “offensive and bigoted.”

Read her entire essay here.