JK Rowling Throws Scorn Spell on Trump’s Giant Signature

Famed author suggests POTUS put weaknesses on display in Iran deal document

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J.K. Rowling has attacked President Donald Trump many times during his term, and her latest swipe on Twitter came after POTUS signed a memorandum to pull the U.S. out of President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

In the tweet, Rowling posted a picture of Trump holding up his signed memorandum next to a news article about graphology, which involves studying one’s signature and handwriting for personality traits. The accuracy of graphology has been disputed, but Rowling thinks the article’s suggestion that a big signature could be a sign of arrogance might be on to something.

The article Rowling links to also argues that a large signature could be a sign of “tendencies of vanity, pride and excessive self-esteem that may become megalomania.”

Past instances of the “Harry Potter” author ripping Trump include posting a picture of a person wearing a Trump outfit and calling him a “boggart,” a creature from the “Potter” series that takes the shape of whatever its victim fears the most.