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Joaquin Phoenix Is Back – and Lewd – in New ‘The Master’ Teaser (Video)

This dark clip from Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" takes viewers into the shrink's office with Joaquin Phoenix's volatile character, Freddy

Joaquin Phoenix interprets inkblots as female genitalia in this teaser from Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest flick, “The Master,” set in a psychiatrist's office. Can't get much more Freudian than that.

Phoenix stars as Freddy, a sex-obsessed, drifter who crosses paths with and becomes the mentee of a charismatic leader, Philip Seymour Hoffman's character Lancaster Dodd, who created his own religion (which resembles Scientology) after World War II. 

The clip (selected by Anderson) was released by The Weinstein Company. Have a look below, but be warned: There's some salty language that makes this video NSFW in most offices.