Joe Biden Calls for Legal ‘Consequences’ for Harvey Weinstein: ‘Deserves More Than Losing His Company’ (Video)

Hollywood mogul “used his power in a disgusting and immoral way,” says former VP

Former Vice President Joe Biden hopes that Harvey Weinstein faces “more consequences” than just losing his company, he said in a sexual assault awareness speech at Rutgers University on Thursday.

“Sexual assault is not about sex, it’s about power,” Biden said to a crowd of more than 2,100 students. Weinstein, Biden said, “used his power in a disgusting and immoral way.”

“This disgusting behavior at least on the part of Harvey Weinstein has been brought to an abrupt and justifiable end,” Biden said. “And it is my hope there are more consequences… This man deserves more than losing his company.”

Biden’s speech was part of the “It’s on Us” campaign, which he started with President Barack Obama in 2014.

Watch Biden’s full speech above.