Joe Biden Has a Favorite Obama-Biden Meme… And It’s Awesome (Photo)

The Biden-Obama bromance had a lot of fans… including, as it turns out, Diamond Joe himself

A lot has been written about the Joe Biden-Barack Obama bromance. The friendship between 44 and his VP was so close, it got its own name: “BROTUS.”

It officially reached iconic status when it became a trending meme last year. In June, even President Obama got in on the act when he made a video showing all the things that required more time than registering to vote, including making a friendship bracelet for Joe Biden.

But what we didn’t know is that Biden was not only aware of the memes, he got a kick of them. And he’s even got his favorite all picked out.

Biden’s daughter Ashley revealed to the Dow Jones blog Moneyish on Tuesday that when the memes started popping up on the interweb, her father “sat there for an hour and laughed.”

But there was one photo that seemed to have tickled him the most.

The meme features two side-by-side photos taken on election night in 2012. The one on the left shows Biden and Obama embracing while the one on the right shows Michelle Obama and Jill Biden hugging on the right.

The caption is apparently what had Biden so amused.

We didn’t think it was possible but we may be crushing on Uncle Joe even more now.

Biden’s daughter said her father looked through hundreds of memes before he noticed the one he liked best.

See more BROTUS memes below: