Joe Biden Has a Podcast — and He Tackles COVID-19 First

Former Vice President Biden’s podcast called “Here’s the Deal” launched March 30

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the latest public figure to start a podcast.

Biden, who is currently running as a Democrat for president, on Monday announced the launch of his new podcast, “Here’s the Deal.”

“Each episode will feature in-depth conversations about pressing issues with some of the nation’s top experts — paired with the heart, compassion, and wisdom only Joe can deliver,” Biden’s website said of the show.

The show’s first episode is roughly 20 minutes long and features an interview with former White House Ebola response coordinator Ron Klain, who discussed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and best practices for containing and eradicating it.

Biden explained why he started the audio series, saying on the March 30 episode, “Well, first so we can keep talking with each other or we can’t hold rallies anymore, but we’re not gathering in large public spaces. The second reason is I think this podcast could offer some really helpful information. I’ve seen these kinds of crises before and uh, and I’ve sat in the situation room in the oval office.”

New episodes of “Here’s the Deal” will be available weekly on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Pandora and TuneIn.