Joe Biden Lampooned in Bad Lip Reading Send-Up: ‘Someday I Might Get a Butt Tattoo’ (Video)

A serious campaign ad gets a humorous makeover

Those crazy kids over at Bad Lip Reading are at again, this time taking a perfectly straight campaign video of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and turning it into a “it looks like he just said that but he didn’t really say that… or did he?” parody.

“America… is ready for a change,” the video begins, with the former vice president meeting and greeting supporters while on the campaign trail. And then he speaks.

“Why do people think that I’m bad at gravity?” Biden says. Well, he didn’t actually say that in the real campaign video, but it sure looks like he did, thanks to the editing skills of the masters at Bad Lip Reading.

In the doctored video, as Biden shakes hands, takes selfies and flashes his pearly whites, he tells devotees across America, “Whoa, who do you have in your basement?,” ” Get a frickin’ tie,” and “Listen, flirty time is not really, really outrageous ’cause that’s just how I was made!”

Crazy fun but totally nonsensical stuff. (To our knowledge, he didn’t get a “butt tattoo,” call a supporter “Sassy Pants Man” or at any time pretend to be a coal miner named Quincy De’Lanosky.)

Although we do kind of like his [fictional] campaign slogan: Joey Biden, Always a Fightin’.

Check out the video above.