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Joe Eszterhas: Trump Is an ‘A–hole,’ but I’m Still Not Voting for Hillary (Exclusive Video)

“A choice between criminals and an a–hole, I’ll pick the a–hole,” Eszterhas tells TheWrap

“Basic Instinct” screenwriter Joe Eszterhas says Donald Trump is an “a–hole,” but that won’t stop him from casting his ballot for the Republican presidential nominee come November.

“Trump may be an a–hole,” Eszterhas told TheWrap at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio — his hometown — on Wednesday. “But, then, a choice between criminals and an a–hole, I’ll pick the a–hole.”

Eszterhas has launched the website JoeUnchained, in which he weighs in on current events and offers screenwriting tips. In a recent post, Eszterhas named Trump “A–hole of the Week” after the GOP candidate mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability.

But Eszterhas, whose screenwriting credits also include “Showgirls” and “Flashdance,” echoed many of the convention’s speakers, saying he simply doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton. That mistrust dates all the way back to Bill Clinton’s presidency in the 1990s.

“They always said it was one presidency,” he said. “You get two for the price of one. Many times, she referred to his presidency as ‘our presidency.’ And then even more recently, we had the thing about Bill Clinton’s going to take over the economy of this country. I don’t want him back in the White House.”

Eszterhas said he finds it “very difficult” to deny that the Clintons are “corrupt.”

“I think we’re dealing with low-lifes and sleazebags,” he said.