Joe Jackson: I Don’t Want Michael’s Money Anymore

Michael’s father mysteriously retracts his request for a $20,000 monthly allowance

Joe Jackson apparently doesn’t want Michael Jackson’s money anymore.

Three days after the first anniversary of his superstar son’s death, the senior Jackson has withdrawn his request for a $20,000 a month allowance from Michael’s estate.

People at the court familiar with the matter told the Wrap that Joe Jackson, who had been battling for months for the money, had his attorneys notify the estate on Monday morning that he would not be asking for nor accept an allowance. 

Though they have fought the Jackson patriarch’s request in court, the estate was reportedly offering Joe $15,000 a month. Michael Jackson’s will, dated 2002, left nothing for his sometimes estranged father.

It was not immediately clear why Jackson withdrew his request. Neither Joe Jackson’s lawyer Brian Oxman nor the Jackson estate immediately returned calls from TheWrap on Monday.

While he might not be looking for money from his deceased son, Joe Jackson is still busy … especially in court.

On June 25, Joe Jackson filed a wrongful death civil suit against his son’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray and his medical clinics for “wrongful death … negligent hiring, training and supervision.” The wide-ranging suit asks for a minimum of $75,000 in damages and a jury trial.

Murray has been separately charged with involuntary manslaughter for his role in Jackson's death and faces a prison sentence of up to four years.