Joe Jonas Needs a Teleprompter to Sing His Own Jonas Brothers Songs (Video)

Nick Jonas explains how the band got back together

The Jonas Brothers are back, baby! And some are more prepared than others.

On Monday’s “Late Late Show,” where Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas will be taking residence this week, the boys-turned-men shared the story of how the band got back together and how they kept it a secret — especially from of the Black Eyed Peas.

Nick and Kevin also ratted on Joe for being the Jonas who always forgets his lyrics. It’s so bad that Joe actually uses a teleprompter on stage — for real. To be fair, he’s also got that DNCE stuff bouncing around in his head.

“It’s very helpful,” Joe told James Corden. We bet.

Watch the video above.

Check out Corden kidnapping the Jonas Brothers in another video we’ve posted below.

Also on Monday, Amazon Studios and the Jonas Brothers unveiled their secret documentary project, which will catch fans up on the happenings of the reunited trio. In addition to those main partners, the film hails from Philymack and Federal Films, a division of Republic Records.

The doc will premiere exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. More details, including a premiere date, will be announced later.

Read more about the project here.