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Joe Scarborough Defends Joe Biden With Photo of Former VP Holding His Son’s Shoulders

”Morning Joe“ co-host showed image as part of a broader defense of 2020 Democratic front-runner

The set of “Morning Joe” continued their defense of Joe Biden after the former vice president faced allegations of inappropriate touching from multiple women in recent weeks.

On set, Joe Scarborough brandished an image of the 2020 Democratic frontrunner holding the shoulders of his young son while standing close to him and said it was just Biden’s way.

“This is Joe Biden with my son, I don’t know if you can see it. But do you see what he is doing. Hand on the shoulders, whispering to him quietly, reassuring him,” Scarborough said while holding his iPhone toward the camera. “This is what Joe Biden does to kids. He’s learned his lesson. I’m sure he’s going to back away, but to suggest that there was something malicious in what he was doing or he was getting his kicks from doing that? Uh, sorry there’s about 45 years of public experience that suggests that’s not true.”

Scarborough didn’t completely explain the context of the photo, but said it was taken three years ago and alluded to a time around “the convention” when Biden “came on set.”

A rep for MSNBC did not respond to request for comment or clarification about the moment.

Scarborough was joined in agreement by co-host Mika Brzezinski, who said she was done talking about the issue and that today would the last day of it.

“This once again is completely ridiculous and the rest of America thinks it’s ridiculous too. I’m done. You guys can continue to talk about this. I won’t. I refuse to give it anymore time,” she said.

Brzezinski also tore into accuser Lucy Flores and bluntly said her description that Biden smelled her hair was a mischaracterization of what happened.

“There’s a woman who accuses him of smelling her hair,” she said. “He’s not interested in your hair, OK. He was going on stage and he took a deep breath before he went on stage and you took it deeply personally.”