MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Thumps Donald Trump in Song ‘Amnesty Don’ (Video)

“He’s softening / Is there a pill for that?” chorus asks

Joe Scarborough

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough mocks Donald Trump as a “soft and flaccid man” in a music video posted to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon.

The video features a series of unflattering images of the GOP nominee beside black-and-white images of Western films and lyrics such as, “From out of the west rode a soft and flaccid man / with fear in his eyes and a burnt orange tan.”

“He said he’d build a wall for us but then he up and ran … He said he’d deport Mexicans before they raped our wives / And ban a million Muslims before they took white lives / But then he won the primary and his courage took a dive,” the song continues.

Scarborough recently nicknamed Trump “Amnesty Don,” which exploded on Twitter. It seems the “Morning Joe” host has taken the gag a step further, asking throughout the song if there is a pill for Trump’s early softening and if the cowboys will smell the “dirty con.”

Scarborough, who plays in a band in his spare time, recorded the vocals and instruments with a bandmate Monday afternoon while finishing the video Tuesday, according to CNN.

“After busting out of a Turkish prison while serving consecutive life sentences for some minor offenses that won’t be discussed here, Willie and I, entirely by chance, ended up in Amsterdam where we met a plucky young band that caught our ear,” Scarborough wrote on Facebook. “Now, because of our good timing I can pass along the new song written and recorded all in one day about Donald Trump’s battle with premature softening. And yes, it’s performed by those same crazy kids you’ve grown to love from Wijk bis Duurstede, Netherlands whom the natives adoringly call ‘Morning Joe Music,’ While the original version is in Dutch, the boys luckily recorded an English version of ‘Amnesty Don’ for posterity last night after returning from Hamburg.”

Trump and Scarborough have an interesting backstory. They used to appear quite cozy, with Trump calling into “Morning Joe” on a regular basis. Then, in February, “Morning Joe” was accused of asking Trump softball questions at a town hall in which a hot mic caught them in what seemed to be a conversation about upcoming questions favorable to the candidate (MSNBC denied it). Since the campaign turned from primary season to the general election, Scarborough and Trump have become full-blown enemies with personal attacks on Twitter coming from both sides.

Watch the video below.