Joe Scarborough: Many Republicans Say Trump is ‘Unstable’ When Cameras Are Off

“So many people on Capitol Hill say that,” says “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough once again repeated his claim that President Donald Trump was “unstable” — this time also suggesting that many Republicans on Capitol Hill agree with him when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“If you measure what [Republicans] say when the cameras aren’t turned on and they tell you that they believe he’s unstable, which they do. So many people on Capitol Hill say that,” said Scarborough. “But you turn the cameras on and you have people blindly going out there saying he’s the greatest president of all time.”

“We’ll see what happens after they pass the tax plan. Maybe at that point they’ll say ‘Well, we got what we wanted form now, now we’ll tell the truth about Donald Trump.’ I doubt it,” Scarborough added.

While the former GOP congressman once tried to tamp down speculation of Trump’s mental health on “Morning Joe,” he’s double down on the assertions in recent weeks. Last week, Scarborough floated the word “dementia” in his description of Trump and again raised the idea of constitutionally removing him by using the 25th amendment.

The growing vitriol may be due to Trump last week tweeting about the death of a former Scarborough intern back in 2001.

While the death was ruled a tragic accident due to an undiagnosed heart condition, that has not stopped conspiracy theorists — or the president of the United States — from suggesting some form of foul play.