Joe Scarborough: Military Parade ‘Frightening,’ ‘Deeply Un-American’

The “Morning Joe” host says’s he’s no fan of Donald Trump’s idea for a military parade

Joe Scarborough let it be known Thursday that he was no fan of Donald Trump’s proposed military parade and called the exercise frightening and un-American.

“It does seem to be deeply un-American, certainly in 2018,” said Scarborough on “Morning Joe” Thursday. “It does seem, outside of the Cold War era, it does seem to be a bit frightening.”

For anyone still having doubts about where the MSNBC morning show stood on the issue, co-host Mika Brzezinski offered up some B-roll of a recent North Korean military parade.

“It seems the president’s requested parade was approved quickly because I think it took place,” said Brzezinski before airing the footage.

“Actually it’s North Korea’s latest military parade from earlier today, personally overseen by Kim Jong Un, marching out there, full arsenal, including their latest ICMB,” she added.

Scarborough conceded that there was precedent including military parades from President Eisenhower’s inauguration and in the Cold War era, but that he was still opposed to the idea today.

(There was also a 1991 parade after the Gulf War which went unmentioned.)

On Wednesday, MSNBC floated the idea that the parade might take place on Veteran’s Day, 2018 — which could turn it into a central campaign issue of the 2018 midterm elections.