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Joe Scarborough: Republicans ‘Doing the Bidding of Vladimir Putin and His Intelligence Agencies’

The ”Morning Joe“ host blasts his former Republican colleagues over #ReleaseTheMemo

Joe Scarborough sounded off Tuesday, blasting Republicans for voting to release a controversial memo which accuses the FBI of misconduct. In a monologue on “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC host and ex-GOP congressman accused his former colleagues of helping Vladimir Putin.

“It is extraordinary that the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan is now doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and his intelligence agencies,” said Scarborough. “Russian intelligence agencies and the Russian bots that they are sending out are going #releasethememo. They are on the side of certain talk show hosts whose names are not even worthy of mentioning on this show.”

Past precedent suggests the talk show hosts Scarborough is referring to are on Fox News. Scarborough has had an on-air feud with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Morning Joe” regular John Heilemann said the state of affairs went even beyond what a movie version of this scenario would look like.

“The subversion of democratic norms, principles and the Americans system that Russia is trying to carry out is now being carried out in this effort by the Republican chairman of the House Intel committee with Paul Ryan’s acquiescence,” said Heilemann.

On Monday, Nunes and his House committee voted to release the classified memo despite objections from Democrats. President Trump has five days to review the document before it is released to the public. Just hours before the vote, news broke that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe would resign from the bureau adding additional intrigue to what the release might show.