Joe Scarborough Rips Fox News ‘Gotcha’ Debate, NY Times’ Misleading Donald Trump Story (Video)

“I was stunned,” Morning Joe host says about Fox News’ substance-less questions

Joe Scarborough took on Fox News on Monday for what he perceived to be a substance-less GOP debate with no real policy questions.

Although he respects moderators Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, Scarborough said they pushed for “gotcha questions” instead of asking questions about the economy, jobs, ISIS, Iran or foreign policy.

“I was stunned,” he said, noting one of the first questions was about Donald Trump’s insult about Rosie O’Donnell and reality show contestant.

“That’s your first question?” the Morning Joe host asked (FYI: Trump’s comments on women wasn’t the first question).

Scarborough also ripped the New York Times for a story on Sunday with a lede sentence that stated as fact Donald Trump was referencing Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle when he said she had blood coming out of “wherever.”

“When you see ledes that state as fact things that should only be stated as fact on the opinion pages… it’s just feeding in again to his strength,” Scarborough said.

Watch the video below.