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Joe Scarborough: Trump a ‘Bumpkin,’ ‘Idiot,’ ‘Stupid Old Blubbery Man’

”Morning Joe“ host says Trump makes the government shutdown worse

Joe Scarborough was in full form Monday, ripping president Trump with a fusillade of creative jabs.

On the set of “Morning Joe” the MSNBC host blamed Trump for the government shutdown and said it was his own waffling on immigration that prevented Democrats and Republicans from making a deal.

“Well you really can’t trust anything coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” he opined dryly. “The president had a Chinese dinner with Democrats, talked once again about wanting to extend legal status to Dreamers, staff members quickly ran behind him again like he was some fool, like he’s some bumpkin, like he’s some idiot who doesn’t know what he wants to do.”

Scarborough said his analysis was informed by the behavior of Trump’s own staff.

“They treat him like he’s just a fool, like he’s just an idiot, like he’s a stupid old blubbery man who doesn’t know what he’s doing, like he’s the weakest leader on the planet.”

“pre dementia” also came up somewhere too.

The monologue was broadly a reaction to this New York Times piece by Maggie Haberman and Julie Davis which alleged that both parties saw Trump as impeding the negotiations.

“Both sides have reason to be confused. Each time Mr. Trump has edged toward compromise with Democrats, he has appeared to be reined in by his own staff,” Scarborough read from the piece. “The result has been a paralysis not only at the White House but on Capitol Hill.”

Watch above.