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Joe Scarborough: Trump Leads ‘The Most Corrupt Administration in Modern History’ (Video)

The ”Morning Joe“ co-host spent part of Tuesday going through a long list of Trump-related scandals

Joe Scarborough ripped President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, bluntly declaring that he and his administration were the most corrupt the republic had ever seen in modern times.

The moment came after Scarborough rattled off a lengthy list of Trump ethics scandals since he took office in 2017.

“Of course the list could go on and on and on,” said Scarborough. “This is the most corrupt administration in modern history.”

Among the scandals that Scarborough listed were Secret Service hotel bills at Mar-a-Lago and Trump doubling his resort’s initiation fee after he became president, the time Kellyanne Conway hawked Ivanka Trump products on live television from the White House lawn and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ suspicious decision to hold on to stocks linked to Russian companies which he previously said he divested from.

Scarborough’s decision to list Trump’s scandals came after news emerged on Monday that the president was considering revoking security clearances for several high-level Obama-era intelligence officials in what immediately looked like a purely partisan move.

The co-host mocked an explanation by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who accused the officials of “monetizing their public service and security clearances.” Several of the targeted intel officers including John Brennan, Michael Hayden and James Clapper have all become vocal Trump critics on MSNBC since he took office.

“Now it’s true — and it has been true — the private sector does reward high-level officials for their expertise and access after years of service,” said Scarborough. “But as we said, the key word is ‘after’ years of service.”

Watch above.