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Joe Scarborough Working on ‘Trump: The Musical’

”Hamilton“ star and Taylor Swift band director on board

Starting a new tradition in lampooning Donald Trump with music, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough now has big plans to take his muse to the stage.

“I’m working on a musical,” he told GQ during a recent interview. “It’s ‘Trump: The Musical.’

The host of “Morning Joe” and former Republican congressman from Florida also has a musical background, writing and producing for his band, Dixon Mills, with whom he’s performed since the ’90s.

Scarborough described his new Broadway vision as “‘Hamilton’ meets ‘The Book of Mormon.'”

Lyrics to a demo for his Trump-themed show were shared with GQ:

I’m just a simple man
Blessed with this orange tan
I’m simply titanic
Beloved by Hispanics and Jews
I’m huge
Losers don’t understand
The genius of my border plan
They call me a fool
Then they dare ridicule my huge hands

Scarborough aims to polish it up within a month at a New York recording studio, with plans to work with Taylor Swift‘s band director David Cook and Rory O’Malley, who plays King George III in “Hamilton.”

From there, Scarborough and his agent, Ari Emanuel, plan to pitch financiers to turn his dream into a real-life stage production.

Seeing as the election is coming up quickly in November, the project appears to be on the fast track.

Late last month, Scarborough posted a music video to his Facebook page called “Amnesty Don” — also the nickname he gave Trump which exploded on Twitter. It was made by the group Wijk bij Duurstede from the Netherlands.