Joel McHale Puts Melissa McCarthy Through Hardcore Emmys Training (Video)

“Community” star puts “Bridesmaids” actress through her paces to prepare her for the grueling task of nomination announcements

Announcing the nominations for the Emmys is no walk in the park. It requires speed. Strength. Agility. Endurance. And, for some reason, the ability to avoid being swayed by the al-consuming cuteness of puppies.

At least, that seems to be the message being sent in a new video featuring "Community" star Joel McHale, who announced the Emmys nominations last year, and "Bridesmaids"/"Mike & Molly" star Melissa McCarthy, who'll present this year's nominees on Thursday. McHale goes into Mr. Miyagi mode, putting McCarthy through her paces until she's prepared for the grueling task that faces her.

Luckily, watching the video requires considerably less effort. Your funny bone will most likely get a pretty good workout, however.