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John Barrowman ‘Disgusted’ by Target, Says Staff ‘Lectured’ Him About Helping Homeless Man (Video)

”How dare you tell me as a customer who I am allowed to buy for and what I am allowed to buy?“ actor says in fiery Twitter video

Target didn’t exactly hit the bull’s-eye on Thursday, as far as John Barrowman is concerned.

“Arrow” actor Barrowman fumed at Target on Thursday, saying that he was “lectured” by staff when he bought items for a homeless man.

“I am disgusted by what I was told,” Barrowman wrote in a caption for an angry video posted to Twitter. “Arrest me for trying to help someone. The stupidity behind that rule. I want an explanation.”

In the video, Barrowman stands in front of the West Hollywood location of Target and says, “I just bought a $40 gift certificate and a jacket and a shirt for a homeless person. And I was lectured by the Target staff that I was not allowed to do that. ”

The actor continued, “Target, that’s a stupid rule. How dare you tell me as a customer who I am allowed to buy for and what I am allowed to buy? That was a homeless gentleman who needed some help, and you need to change your policies if this is what you think of being a good community member.”

The actor then threatened to take his business elsewhere, and to encourage his followers to follow suit.

“Because I’ll stop shopping here. And I’ll post for everybody else to stop shopping here,” Barrowman said. “It’s absolutely ridiculous, and every customer behind me thought it was ridiculous also.”

The actor concluded, “That gentleman needed help, a little bit of help to get him up, to make his day a little better, and Target, you were trying to deny that. So I’m a little pissed off with you right now.”

A Twitter account for Target replied to Barrowman’s post, writing, “We’re very sorry for the experience you had at the LA Target store. We absolutely do not have a policy against this type of purchase, and are addressing it immediately with the team members involved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

Watch the video below.