Watch John Cena Deadlift Jimmy Fallon (Video)

As the WWE Superstar put it: “Bro, I’m John Cena”

Don’t tell John Cena that 40 is over-the-hill.

The WWE Superstar and host of Fox’s “American Grit” spent his recent landmark birthday deadlifting 600-plus pounds, Cena told friend Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s “Tonight Show.”

“I mean, 40th birthday,” the NBC host responded. “Why didn’t you just go to an island and have a drink or something?”

“Bro, I’m John Cena,” his guest perfectly replied.

Cena then proved his power by deadlifting Fallon from his 30 Rock stage. Watch the video above.

Season 2 of “American Grit” premieres Sunday at 9/8c on Fox.