John Cena Cuts Epic Promo on Dwayne Johnson’s Toothbrush Threat (Video)

It’s like WrestleMania 28 (and 29) all over again

John Cena still isn’t taking any crap from The Rock. The “Blockers” star just cut an epic promo in response to “Rampage” hero Dwayne Johnson’s toothbrush threat.

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Johnson, who now cites Cena as one of his “best friends,” reflected on their very real personal problems back in WWE.

Though he says that is now behind them, Johnson then offered up this threat: “If he ever acts up, I’ll knock his teeth so far down his throat, that he’ll [have to] stick a toothbrush up his ass to brush them.”

Cena wasn’t taking that lying down on Wednesday, and he masterfully weaved in some “Blockers” storyline to embarrass his WrestleMania 28 and 29 opponent.

“If you think shoving a toothbrush up my butt is a threat, you’ve got news coming, pal,” he responded. “There’s been a funnel up there, there’s been a parking cone– there’s more traffic in that region than Monday on the 405 in both directions.”

“Down there, it’s like a Mississippi cornfield in a downpour. It is just all mud and vegetation pal,” Cena continued. “Do you really wanna smell what John Cena is puttin’ out?”

Watch Johnson’s initial threat below, and Cena’s response above.

“Blockers” makes its entrance into theaters tomorrow, “Rampage” follows one week later. Oh, and while we’re at it, WrestleMania 34 airs Sunday night at 7/6c on WWE Network.