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John Oliver Enlists a Shirtless John Cena to Debunk the Most Absurd Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories (Video)

Not your cup of tea? Perhaps Alex Trebek, Paul Rudd, Billy Porter or Catherine O’Hara can do the trick (They keep their shirts on)

John Oliver used Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” episode to debunk some of the most absurd conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus. He got his point by with a little help from his friends, like John Cena, Alex Trebek, Paul Rudd, Billy Porter and Catherine O’Hara.

Before he called in the reinforcements — and before you start thinking Oliver is part of some giant government cover-up — he made this point: “If I am in on this conspiracy, that means my puppet master is AT&T. And what makes you think they can pull off a global conspiracy when they can barely pull off a complete phone call? How would they even be sending me orders? Sprint?”

Try to find the logic hole in THAT.

Of course, it doesn’t help the HBO host’s case that, in Oliver’s words, the president of the United States of America is “one of the most prominent spreader of conspiracies on Earth.”

“Conspiracies are sort of like ugly buildings and deeply tragic adult children in that Donald Trump loves to unleash them into the world and then refuse to take responsibility for them ever again,” Oliver quipped.

“Last Week Tonight” is hardly equipped to offset Trump’s reach. That’s why producers went to the bullpen, which included Oliver’s birthday-mate Cena removing his dress shirt while walking viewers through some basic fact-checking.

Cena and Oliver were both born on April 23, 1977. Their respective bodies have aged a bit differently.

Watch Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” segment via the video above.

Readers can check out the guest videos at TheTrueTrueTruth.com. At the time this post was published, the website was down.

“Due to the huge influx in traffic to the website we were experiencing technical issues which are currently being addressed,” a spokesperson for “Last Week Tonight” told TheWrap later on Monday. “We believe the issue has been resolved.”