John Fetterman Jokes That His Body Double ‘Was Supposed to Show Up’ on MSNBC for Him (Video)

The Pennsylvania senator tells Joy Reid he’d want a “better” version of himself if he actually had a double

John Fetterman mocks body double conspiracy theory on Joy Reid

Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman has recently been subjected to one of the dumbest right-wing conspiracy theories in recent memory. But it turns out he has the same sense of humor about it that he has regarding the uproar about his wardrobe, as seen on the latest episode of MSNBC’s “The Reid Out.”

Fetterman has of course overcome a lot over the last year. First he suffered a stroke during his 2022 senate campaign, from which he’s made almost a full recovery. Then after taking office he briefly checked himself into a hospital to treat his clinical depression. Since then, he’s lost some weight and also changed up his facial hair, from a shaggy beard to a bushy mustache, and most recently to plain stubble.

Fetterman’s recovery from his stroke and his changed appearance confused online right wingers without a sense of object permanence, and they’re now claiming that he has secretly been replaced by a body double. It’s incredibly stupid, but you can read more about it here.

Naturally, “The Reid Out” host Joy Reid had to ask Fetterman about it when he appeared on her show.

“Apparently there is a huge conspiracy theory that I might not have just had a conversation with you, [but] this might be the body double. Am I talking to you… Senator, or am I talking to the body double?” Reid asked.

“Wait. He’s here? He was supposed to show up and really address that,” Fetterman joked. “He hasn’t arrived here yet, unfortunately.”

Then Fetterman dismissed the conspiracy theory a little more pointedly.

“That’s just what a body double would say,” Reid joked.

“If I had a body like this, I sure would want a better double one of it,” Fetterman responded.

Watch the exchange below:


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