John Fetterman Fires Back at Ron DeSantis’ Dig About His Wardrobe Choices

“I dress like he campaigns,” the U.S. senator says of the Florida governor

Senator John Fetterman on Morning Joe (MSNBC)

While apparently looking to stir up a new controversy on the presidential campaign trail Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided to take aim at the U.S. Senate’s dress code, calling out Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman for his casual attire. 

“The US Senate just eliminated its dress code because you got this guy from Pennsylvania (Fetterman) who’s got a lot of problems,” DeSantis said on the campaign trial. “He wears, like, sweatshirts and hoodies and shorts…We need to be lifting up our standards in this country, not dumbing down.”

Fetterman responded, wryly: “I dress like he campaigns.”

The comment immediately provided fresh meat for the X (formerly Twitter) mill. 

Another used the opportunity to spotlight the sartorial extremes of Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema.

That prompted a new round of debate.

Meanwhile, Nate Silver tweeted that he’s starting a new political party for people “who don’t care how Fetterman dresses or what Boebert does in a theater.” 

Fetterman responded to Silver’s not-so-dubtle dig: “I dress like you predict.”