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John Kasich Makes Case for His Campaign, Despite the Delegate Math

Ohio governor likes his chances, resists Cruz backers who call for him to step aside

John Kasich made a fresh case for himself to be the Republican presidential nominee, despite the severe mathematical challenge he faces in acquiring enough delegates.

John Dickerson, moderator of “Face the Nation” was point-blank in his first question: “Governor, in order for to you get the nomination, you would have to win more than 100 percent of the remaining delegates. So how are you going to do it?”

“Well, first of all, nobody is going to have the delegates they need going to the convention,” Kasich said. “Everyone will fall short. And the convention, by the way, is an extension of the political process. So, what will happen is people will go there with a certain number of delegates. We will go in to Cleveland with momentum. And then delegates are going to consider two things, number one, who can win in the fall? And I’m the only one that can. That’s what the polls indicate.”

Kasich also aggressively pushed back against supporters of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who have called for him to quit the race.

“Why don’t they drop out? I’m the one that can win in the fall. You know another interesting thing? This party has run around for seven years saying, how is it that we elected a one-term United States senator to be president who has never had the experience?” he said, referring to President Obama.

“So, here is what I would say. I can win in the fall. They cannot.”

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