John Koblin to Leave the Observer for WWD

NYO’s star media reporter joining former editor Peter Kaplan at Condé Nast

Monday’s meta-media move worth noting: John Koblin, the New York Observer’s star media columnist and tennis aficionado, is leaving the salmon-colored paper and its website, and heading to join former Observer editor Peter Kaplan at Condé Nast.

Koblin, who confirmed the job change in an e-mail with TheWrap, is joining WWD's media team. He starts on October 14.

It’s been a challenge in 2010 for the Observer to retain editorial talent.

As the Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared blog points out, “almost the entirety of the former Observer staff has left” since Kaplan’s departure in 2009. (Kaplan had clashed with millionaire owner Jared Kushner, who bought the paper in 2006).

During a recent meeting, editor-in-chief Kyle Pope is reportedly told the staff he was at “war” with publisher Christopher Barnes, and supposedly called the Observer a "s—show."

In August, Kaplan was named editorial director of Fairchild Fashion Group.