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James Corden, John Krasinski Ruin Classic ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘A Few Good Men’ Scenes (Video)

The duo also take a crack at butchering ”Gone with the Wind“ and ”Into the Woods“

Readers probably best recognize John Krasinski from “The Office” and James Corden from “The Late Late Show” — but did you know they co-starred together in a ton of classic movies? Well, they didn’t, actually — but the magic of TV says otherwise.

The CBS late-night host and his Wednesday guest shared footage from their many takes on a bunch of films they would have been rightfully fired from, such as “Pulp Fiction,” “Gone With the Wind” and “A Few Good Men.” Krasinski is convinced that he would have won Jack Nicholson‘s Oscar for that final flick. Turns out, he can’t handle the truth.

There was also a weird “Into the Woods” situation, in which Krasinski was ultimately replaced by real-life wife Emily Blunt. That one’s gotta hurt — and don’t even get us started on how awkward it must have made months of family dinners.

And way back before that, in the 1939 Clark Gable classic, Krasinski’s Rhett Butler actually first introduced the mic drop to the world. It was a move way ahead of its time.

He and Corden then ruined “Pulp Fiction” over their shared love for Coolio. Fortunately, Samuel L. Jackson was able to pick up the ball and run with it.

Watch the video below.