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John Krasinski and Stephen Colbert Tear Through ‘Late Show’ Set in 5-Minute Fight Sequence (Video)

Don’t tell Jim Halpert he’s not an ”action guy“

John Krasinski is more than just an adorable smile with amazing comedic timing. Actually, he would like you to forget all about his comedy days, as he’s a real action hero now. And to prove it, he beat up Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

This all started because the bearded CBS late-night host actually goaded the “Jack Ryan” star into “punching” him in the face. And Colbert managed to get “The Office” alum to deck him by first teasing him into doing 10 pushups to prove he’s an action guy now, saying “Comedy guys like me and you aren’t meant to do action,” and then telling him “a real action guy wouldn’t do push-ups just because I told him to.”

Colbert — who insisted he’d be an action star too right now if he hadn’t lost the title role in “Blade” to Wesley Snipes 20 years ago — tells Krasinski, “A real action guy would punch me in the face.” Wait, Jim Halpert isn’t going to fight Colbert and trash the “Late Show” set, no matter how much of a jerk he’s being, right?

Well, he probably wasn’t going to until Colbert said that Harrison Ford, “the real Jack Ryan,” totally would.

What followed was a 5-minute long (totally not choreographed) fight sequence that takes the pair backstage, into an elevator with Krasinski’s old “The Office” co-star Ellie Kemper, and up to the roof, where one of them throws the other off.

Watch the video above.

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