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Watch John Legend and Jimmy Fallon Mark One Year in Quarantine With ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Parody (Video)

”March again, and it’s been a full year of waking up to say, ‘I’m bored,'“ ”Tonight Show“ host sings

Jimmy Fallon and John Legend teamed up on Monday’s “Tonight Show” to mark the start of March, aka the unofficial anniversary of when Americans’ quarantines began. And they did it with a parody of the “Beauty and the Beast” (a classic Disney movie about being in lockdown) song “Belle,” aptly titled, “March Again.”

“March again, it’s another morning,” Fallon sings as he awakens in the sketch. “Every day like the one before/March again, and it’s been a full year of waking up to say, ‘I’m bored. Indoors.’/’I’m bored, I’m bored. Indoors.'”

Fallon then goes through the motions that we are all too familiar with by our one-year quarantine-versary, with lines like, “Every single day on Zoom/When it’s over time to move/To this next part of my couch.”

Next, the NBC late-night host spends his daily time on Netflix looking for something new to watch. Instead, he decides to binge “The Office” again — which his computer has to awkwardly remind him is now on the NBCU-owned streaming service Peacock, which Jimmy totally says he has a subscription to.

Then we jump over to Legend’s house, where he’s waking up in his big cozy bed, singing: “Oh, isn’t this amazing/Wasn’t it just March 2020?/I’ve forgotten what time means/And I haven’t waxed my chest since quarantine week three.”

Legend opens his robe to prove that yes, he is in fact that hairy.

Then the boys finish their ode to quarantine with a duet: “Fifty-two weeks and 53 Zoom weddings/600 laps around my den/Plus a million shanty songs and a Quibi come and gone/No, I can’t believe it’s been a year/It really has been quite a year/I can’t believe it’s really March again!”

Watch the full video above and hope that by this time next year, we don’t need a “March Again Again” from Fallon and Legend.