7 John McCain Cameos in Movies and TV, From ‘Wedding Crashers’ to ‘SNL’ to ‘Parks and Rec’ (Videos)

The Republican maverick was almost a Hollywood regular

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“Saturday Night Live” (2002)

In 2002, Sen. John McCain became one of the rare politicians to host the show (with musical guest the White Stripes). Though he leaned heavily on Fred Armisen in his opening monologue, McCain gamely played everyone from Attorney General John Ashcroft to Irish American author Frank McCourt in sketches.

“Saturday Night Live” (2002)

In this hilarious parody of a Lifetime movie, McCain stars as the husband of a successful CEO (Amy Poehler) who invades his wife’s personal space in a way that is creepily stalkerish.

“Wedding Crashers” (2005)

McCain and Democratic strategist James Carville pop up early in this comedy to congratulate the fictional Treasury Secretary (Christopher Walken) and his wife (Jane Seymour) on the nuptials of their daughter.

“24” (2006)

McCain had a literal walk-on role in the fifth season ofthe Fox counterterrorism thriller as an unnamed CTU staffer who hands over a folder with no doubt top-secret information.

“Saturday Night Live” (May 2008)

“Jamming gay-dar is not a federal responsibility,” John McCain says in a jokey campaign message on the May season finale after he sewed up the GOP nomination for president. “I have the courage, the wisdom, the experience and most importantly, the oldness it takes,” he quipped.

“Saturday Night Live” (November 2018)

Just days before he lost the presidential election to Barack Obama, McCain shows up to appear with Tina Fey as his VP nominee Sarah Palin in a sketch in which they shill campaign merchandise on QVC.

“Parks and Recreation” (2012)

McCain reteams with Poehler in the first of two cameos on her NBC sitcom. Her Indiana councilwoman Leslie Knope blows him off in a coat closet in Washington, D.C. — shortly after flubbing a meeting with two of her political idols, Senators Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe.