John Mulaney Credits Former Fox Chief Kevin Reilly for Fixing His Sitcom

PaleyFest 2014: “Mulaney” was originally intended for NBC, but it never aired


Fox’s upcoming comedy “Mulaney” has gone through several iterations. The multi-camera sitcom was originally meant for NBC, where creator John Mulaney was a writer on “Saturday Night Live.”

At Monday evening’s PaleyFest, the main cast of “Mulaney” gathered to chat about the comedy, including its interesting history. The titular star of the series explained the difference between last year’s version, which was ultimately passed on, and this year’s, which got as series order from its second network.

“We made a pilot for NBC in May of 2013, and I love that pilot,” Mulaney said. “There are elements that are still very much alive: 90 percent of it.”

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However, “The pilot that I made was a little ‘pilot-y,’” Mulaney admitted.

The stand-up comedian explained in the form of praise for former Fox chief Kevin Reilly.

Mulaney said that the best meeting he’s “ever had” was one with Reilly, who told the former “SNL-er”: “I just want you to loosen up, and I want a funny show with a lot of comedians.”

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That simple advice took away Mulaney’s feel of the need for a “hook,” which he joked took various forms, including one of a recurring temporary amnesia storyline, or something even stranger involving sharks.

Thank goodness for Kevin Reilly.

“Mulaney” premieres Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.