John Oliver on Anthony Weiner: ‘A Sinking Poll’ Is the Least of his Problems (Video)

"The Daily Show" host lets the penis jokes fly

New polls show support for embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner continues to slip after news broke that his sexting habits continued after he resigned from congress in disgrace.

In an innuendo-laced examination of the faltering candidacy, "Daily Show" interim host John Oliver declared that Weiner shouldn't get too worried about a lack of support.

"A sinking poll is the least of this guy’s problems," Oliver said, cutting to a close-up of Weiner's underwear clad … well, you can finish the sentence.

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From there, Oliver turned to the latest campaign headache — a New York Daily News report that Weiner spent $45,000 of campaign funds on an investigation into who hacked his Twitter account and sent penis pictures to women. Oliver noted that this was probably among the easiest cases in the history of private investigations.

"He spent $45,000 in campaign donations to investigate the thing that he knew he did," Oliver said. "Who did he hire — the same guy that O.J. paid to go look for the real murderer?"

Weiner insists that he is staying in the race, telling reporters that his string of embarrassments will make him a stronger mayor, because the lack of support will mean he will be truly independent.

"It’s going to make you independent all right, because if New Yorker’s do the right thing, it’s going to make you independent from the [bleep] office of mayor," Oliver said.