John Oliver: Barack Obama Has Become the ‘NBC of Presidents’ (Video)

The president faces scandal domestically and distrust abroad — can old pal Germany raise his spirits?

Barack Obama has been having a rough time domestically, John Oliver pointed out on Wednesday night's "The Daily Show," citing his failed gun control efforts, security leaks and his "increasingly pathetic jump shot."

To shake off the doldrums, Oliver quipped that "the president is looking for love in all the foreign places" and going on an overseas tour. The search for adoration abroad kicked off in what Oliver called "the happiest place on Earth" — Germany.

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The country has historically been good to President Obama. In 2008, before he was elected, 200,000 Germans showed up in Berlin to hear the then-candidate Obama speak. This time around, not so much. Fewer than 10,000 people showed up.

Maybe the lack of enthusiasm has to do with the NSA controversy. After all, the whole spying on foreigners things doesn't play so well to an audience of…foreigners.

Or as Oliver noted, “Losing 95 percent of your audience in just five years, that basically makes Obama the NBC of presidents."

Here's the clip.