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John Oliver and Bill Nye Slam Climate Change Skeptics: ‘Who Gives a S–t?’ (Video)

Cable news’ mascot for global warming science appeared on HBO’s ”Last Week Tonight“ for some real catharsis

After years spent on the cable news circuit, desperately trying to convince paid skeptics that their corporate sponsors are destroying the earth, Bill Nye got a little bit of revenge on Sunday night.

John Oliver devoted four minutes of his weekly HBO program, “Last Week Tonight,” to the news media’s obsession with creating a debate about a fact supported by overwhelming scientific evidence. Usually, it’s Nye that is on MSNBC or Fox News or CNN, presenting the scary facts about man-made climate change, a fact that Oliver found quite disturbing — after all, why is a debated needed in the first place?

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The British host also was dismayed at a recent poll from Gallup that indicated that one out of four people don’t believe in climate change — and the fact that it’s being given any attention at all.

“Who gives a shit?” Oliver scoffed. “You don’t need people’s opinion on a fact. You might as well have a poll asking: ‘Which number is bigger, 15 or 5?’ or ‘Do owls exist?’ or ‘Are there hats?'”

Luckily, Oliver was able to rectify the mathematical insanities of the climate change debate.