John Oliver Cannot Believe What He’s Seeing on NRA TV: ‘Holy S—‘ (Video)

Streaming network “might actually be the dumbest, most transparent thing” National Rifle Association does, HBO host says

Last Updated: March 5, 2018 @ 7:07 AM

The Oscars weren’t the only thing that aired on television last night: HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” was new, and John Oliver dissecting NRA TV is worth watching.

The “Daily Show” alum was rather disturbed by the streaming network’s slate, which includes the female-targeting “Love at First Shot.” The host of that show called the AR-15’s firing and kickback “a nice, light poof of happiness,” for example.

“It’s a little weird to describe a semi-automatic rifle the way Bob Ross describes a f—ing cloud,” Oliver said.

That’s not the only odd series Oliver and his writing staff binged in what must have been a weird week for them.

“The answer to the question ‘What the f— is NRA TV,’ is ‘It’s just a vessel to sell America guns,'” Oliver concludes.

“NRA TV might actually be the dumbest, most transparent thing” the National Rifle Association does, he decided.

Watch the video above.