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John Oliver Devotes Entire Episode to His Contempt for ‘Judge Animal House’ Brett Kavanaugh (Video)

”Last Week Tonight“ host also calls SCOTUS nominee ”walking crushed beer can“ and a ”53-year-old frat pledge“

John Oliver devoted Sunday’s entire “Last Week Tonight” episode to a takedown of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whom the HBO host dubbed a “walking crushed beer can.”

Throughout the half-hour, Oliver also called Trump-appointee Kavanaugh a “53-year-old frat pledge,” and nicknamed him “Judge ‘Animal House.'”

Oh yeah, and then he just straight-up called the guy an “a–hole.”

“I’m starting to think that men might be too emotional for the Supreme Court,” Oliver said while mocking Kavanaugh’s testimony, which often vacillated between tearful and angry as he denied the accusations of sexual misconduct against him. “Also, he’d be really pretty if he just smiled more.”

“There should be plenty in what we saw this week to cause you real concern, because a key part of the job that he is up for is judgment and temperament,” the “Daily Show” alum added. “And this week, we saw Kavanaugh talk over the top of senators, dodge questions, and conflate “doesn’t recall something happening” with “denies something happened,” which is — again — a f–king important distinction for a judge.”

“Not to mention, he repeatedly wept at the concept of calendars,” Oliver dug in.

Oliver doesn’t even understand why Republicans are sticking with Kavanaugh. Surely there’s a whole bench of other SCOTUS nominee candidates that wouldn’t require such a circus to get appointed.

“It feels like their doing this just to deliver a ‘f–k you’ to Democrats, and even more directly, a ‘f–k you’ to women,” he said.

Watch the video above.

On Thursday, Kavanaugh and accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford each testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and offered starkly differing narratives. Ford said that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her while drunk at a party during the early 1980s. Kavanaugh said that he did no such thing and wasn’t at the event that Ford described.

Over nine hours, both offered passionate, raw and emotional testimony from their respective positions. Many senators were visibly torn by the spectacle and a general bipartisan consensus on cable news noted that it would be extremely difficult to ascertain the absolute truth based on the testimony alone of either witness.

On Friday, the committee voted 11-10 to recommend Kavanaugh for confirmation to the Supreme Court. The vote went exactly as expected, with all 11 Republicans voting in favor and each of the 10 Democrats opposing the recommendation.