John Oliver Uses the US Census to Suggest That Mickey Mouse Has a ‘Really Serious Cocaine Problem’ (Video)

And, you know, Trump jokes

John Oliver used his Season 6 finale to tackle the upcoming U.S. Census survey. Someone had to go down here, and sadly, it was Mickey Mouse.

The “Last Week Tonight” host pulled out a 1980s commercial starring the Disney rodent singing about how census workers can “Count on” him. Pretty much everything from the ’80s is ripe for fodder, and this opportunity was no different.

“Can we actually ‘Count on’ you, Mickey? It’s 1980, you’re in a tuxedo in the middle of the day, and your pupils are the size of personal pan pizzas,” Oliver said. “What I’m trying to say here is, Mickey Mouse has a really serious cocaine problem.”

For once, Oliver was not making fun of his home channel HBO and its parent company AT&T. Still, probably not the joke the Walt Disney Corporation wanted to hear from a competitor over the first weekend that Disney+ was out.

As one should come to expect from the “Daily Show” alum, that cheap shot gave way to some Trump jokes — but the POTUS wasn’t the only government employee who got it, however.

Oliver later called Wilbur Ross, the man in charge of the census, “What you would get if you put Elmer Fudd in the oven at 425 degrees for 90 minutes.”

Visually, he was not wrong.

Watch the video above, which also contains Oliver’s suggestion that viewers participate in the census, if for no other reason than to “irritate” Trump.