John Oliver Challenges Pringles to Reveal Mascot’s Full Body (Video)

“I’m willing to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question,” comedian says

John Oliver and HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” returned from hiatus on Sunday to challenge the potato chip brand Pringles to reveal the full body anatomy of its mascot, the mustachioed guy that Oliver said looks like “a hard-boiled egg disguised as Tom Selleck.”

A few weeks back, Oliver made a joke about knowing when we could expect final election results by saying it’s as likely we’ll have an answer as knowing when Michael Keaton will win his Oscar or when we know what the Pringles guy’s nipples look like. Who can say? But Oliver felt the need to return with a web exclusive when the show was sent numerous examples of detailed drawings imagining the Pringles man as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, the robot from Disney’s “Big Hero 6” and even as a hermit crab.

But the show never got a response from the Pringles brand, now a division of Kellogg’s, and Oliver promised to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if the canned chip-maker answered his question. The people need to know!

“I know so much useless information about Pringles, but not the one thing that I really want to know, which is, what is Julius Pringles working with from the neck down? Do I need to know this? No, I don’t. Do I want to? Yes, I do,” Oliver said. “So much so that I’m willing to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question, on the condition of course that they don’t spend a f—ing cent on Pringles, because it’s a garbage snack. It’s garbage.”

No word yet from the company, but Oliver pointed out that Pringles has an active Twitter presence, replying to people with smart remarks or promising to appease dissatisfied customers.

You can check out the web-exclusive segment from “Last Week Tonight” here and above.


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