John Oliver Pokes China President Xi Jinping Over His Resemblance to Winnie the Pooh (Video)

And for all that censorship, too

John Oliver turned his HBO telescope to China Sunday, when the “Last Week Tonight” host was delighted to tweak President Xi Jinping over a perceived resemblance to Winnie the Pooh.

The Chinese leader has a very weird insecurity over the common comparison to the cartoon bear, which only makes his rivals analogize the two more.

It could be worse: They could be saying you look like Eeyore.

Xi’s over-the-top censorship of his own people doesn’t quite help detract from his detractors much either. For many over in our hemisphere — including Oliver and his mostly liberal audience — Donald Trump’s support of the Chinese chief isn’t humanizing Xi very bunch.

Last night, the uncensored Oliver turned some of Xi’s propaganda right back on him, even recruiting children to sing and rap a critical song about the political giant. The kids seemed pretty excited to get to use foul language in the pre-taped piece.

Watch the video above.

We’re glad Oliver took a week off from taking down New Zealand. It also helps that Russell Crowe’s divorce auction is over.

Do you see the similarities between Xi and the beloved honey hound? Let us know in the comments section.