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John Oliver Shovels Dirt on Donald Trump’s Coal Plan (Video)

POTUS’ 50,000 new jobs claim in fledgling energy industry isn’t even close to accurate

John Oliver spent much of Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” drilling Donald Trump’s over the President’s pledge to save the coal industry.

The rest of the HBO show’s meaty segment was used to bash one brash coal executive, Bob Murray of Murray Energy Corporation, whose lawyers preemptively sent a cease and desist letter Oliver’s way. Of course, the threat of litigation merely made the “Daily Show” alum double-down on Murray’s treatment of his employees. It probably didn’t help that Trump and Murray have a cozy relationship — even if the POTUS isn’t exactly an expert on the very energy he publicly supports.

“He barely gets what mining is,” Oliver said of Trump. “He may well think it’s running up to things and yelling ‘MINE!'”

For anyone else who’s uninformed on the dangerous and outdated form of power production, here’s how inefficient coal is in 2017: The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is even now powered by solar. For real.

“It’s like finding out The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was brought to you by Smash Mouth,” Oliver quipped.

Watch the video above, which closes on a talking squirrel telling Murray to “eat sh–.” That’ll make much more sense within the context of the clip, though obviously not within real life.

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