John Oliver Comes Clean About That ‘101 Favorite History Lies’ Book He Promoted Last Month (Video)

“Lying is incredibly fun,” he tells viewers in a web exclusive listing history’s most famous lies — all of which he made up

John Oliver has come clean about a major lie he told his fans last month on his show “Last Week Tonight.”

In a web exclusive released at the start of this week, the comedian replayed a July segment in which he revealed a new book, “Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver‘s 101 Favorite History Lies.” Unfortunately for those who were eagerly awaiting for it to hit shelves, it was all just a joke.

“Lying is incredibly fun. In fact, the only thing that feels better than lying to someone is lying to someone, regaining their trust, and then lying to them again,” he said at the start of the segment, which ended with this clarification: “There is actually no book, that was another lie — this entire video has been a total waste of everyone’s time.”

That’s actually a lie, too, because Oliver listed the hilarious “facts” that would have been the book. For example, did you know Irish dancing was invented by farmers who tried to kill field mice with wooden blanks on their feet?

It wasn’t, of course, but wouldn’t that have been a fun fact, had it not been entirely fictitious?

Watch the video above.