John Oliver Obliterates Confederacy-as-History Argument for Keeping Monuments (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host introduces world to the “Hitler-Hanks Spectrum”

Get John Oliver a rope and some rowing muscles, because the HBO personality wants to pull down all of those monuments to the former Confederacy that have America infighting.

On Sunday, the “Last Week Tonight” host weighed in on the divisive issue of existing Rebel Army statues, which some people want to see torn down and others staunchly defend as pieces of history. The latter group is quick to point out that the Civil War, the time period many of these shrines memorialize, was not entirely about slavery.

Oliver has an opinion on that.

“If the Confederacy was not about slavery, somebody should really go back in time and tell the f—ing Confederacy that,” he said last night.

Later, the Brit dragged our beloved Tom Hanks into this whole thing, introducing the United States to his “Hitler-Hanks Spectrum” — basically, we all exist somewhere between pure evil and angelic.

Amid his overall argument, Oliver revealed that an anagram for 39th Vice President of the United States Spiro Agnew is “Grow a penis.” You’ll need some context for that one, so be sure watch the video above.

Oh yeah, and stick around for the mini-“Daily Show” reunion at the very end. We don’t want to spoil it.