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John Oliver Throws Cold Water on Flood Insurance (Video)

”Last Week Tonight“ host gets haunted by ”Tostito-addicted seagull“ on Sunday

John Oliver turned his focus to flood insurance on Sunday, blasting the industry’s clearly broken system in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

For starters, FEMA’s flood-plain maps aren’t close to perfect — as Texans recently found out — leaving many of those affected without protection. And then there is the tax-payer liability — yeah, we’re the ones that pay after the worst floods strike. Your insurance company is actually taking these Acts of God to the bank, leaving the government and its subsidizers (us) to bear the burden.

“For insurance companies: the bigger the disaster, the more they stand to profit,” Oliver said last night on HBO. “And that is a business model not usually seen outside of Nicolas Cage’s career.”

Later, Oliver made fun of Fox’s John Stossel for a bit. So that was fun, too.

Throughout the show’s main segment, the “Last Week Tonight” host battled with a “Tostito-addicted seagull.” Stick around for their touching moment at the end. Much like a beach bird digesting a corn tortilla chip, it pretty quickly turns to s—.

Watch the video above.